The Widow

Virginia just arrives from her husband funeral, when a neighbour visits her. He offers to help her remove her husband’s stuffed boar head, but they both know he has another reason to be there.

Monte Bravo

Paula is a girl who lives in a village in the North of Spain during the Civil War. One day, while playing with her brother with Down Syndrom, she sees a werewolf in the forest. But, is it real, or an imagination of the kid?

La leyenda del Bosque Olvidado

La leyenda del Bosque Olvidado Paula is a twelve-year-old girl in the care of her brother Pablo, with Down Syndrome. One day she discovers a medallion that gives access to the Forgotten Forest, a place inhabited by magical creatures. But is this real, or just a legend?

Battles Along the Oceans

Battles Along the Oceans is a battle royale videogame where 50 players get on a boat and arrive to an island. There they will have to battle each other and come up with the most bizarre strategies to be the first ones to capture the flag in its center and therefore win the game.